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10 Gmail Tricks That Will Change Your Life

You may already know about some of the cool features that Gmail has to offer, but if you’re like most people, there are probably plenty of tricks that you don’t even know exist. And let’s be honest: this is a really important email account! You need it for work and your personal life, so why not use all of its features?

Gmail tricks

Gmail is an email service that has been around for a while. And yet, it’s still full of features and tricks that you may not know about. These are 10 Gmail Accesso tricks to make your life easier and more efficient:

10 Gmail Tricks That Will Change Your Life

1) Create canned responses with the Canned Responses Lab – This will allow you to create pre-written messages for common situations like thanks, no thank you, or hi!

2) Add tabs in your inbox – Keep important emails separated from less important ones by adding tabs in your inbox. You can organize them as needed depending on what needs attention now vs later.

3) Use shortcuts when composing a message – Shortcuts are great because they save time and effort!

4) Save important emails – You can save a message by clicking the “More Options” button then select “Save to Inbox.

In addition, you can also choose “Save as PDF” and/or “Mark unread”. This is great if it’s an email that you want to keep but not deal with now!

5) Add an email signature to all your emails – Instead of typing it out each time, you can create a pre-written message that will always be included at the bottom of every email.

6) Find attachments in your messages – If you’ve searched for a message and can’t find it, but know that it has an attachment, make sure to click “Show full conversation” before continuing.

7) Make a Gmail shortcut on your desktop – Create shortcuts to specific messages or folders so that you can easily access them without having to search for them.

8) Check your Gmail from a desktop computer – Sometimes you can’t use the mobile app, so this is an easy way to access all of your messages.

9) Use Gmail add-ons to make your life easier – There are lots of things you can do with these that will help your workflow.

10) Change the Gmail design – There are a ton of different themes and colors to choose from that will make your inbox more enjoyable.


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